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On September 24, Beijing time, the fourth round of the NBA Eastern Conference finals kicked off. The Heat beat the Celtics and took the lead with a total score of 3-1 to get the match point. And the Heat can win this game, the first hero is not Butler, nor Dragic and Adebayor, but the teenager Shiro, born in 2000, he scored 37 points in this campaign. It is also a new high record for Hilo's career scoring in a single game (including his college career). Before the age of 21, he can score higher than him in a single game in the playoffs. Magic Johnson is the only one. This shows how powerful Hiero's performance is.


Many Chinese fans know Hiro for the first time. It may be traced back to last year's NBA Summer League, when he was only 19 years old at the time when he hit the Chinese men's basketball team. In that game, Hiero scored 23 points, 4 assists and 3 steals. When he was on the court, the Heat could beat the Chinese men's basketball team by as much as 36 points. What’s interesting is that at that time, many media criticized the Chinese men’s basketball team, believing that it was too sad that they were blown up by a kid who had just left the university campus. But now, it’s not surprising that Shiro blasted the Chinese men’s basketball team. Because even the Celtics, which have defensive masters such as Smart, Tatum, and Jaylen Brown, have nothing to do with Hiero.

许多中国球迷是第一次认识Hiro。这可以追溯到去年的NBA夏季联赛,当时他只有19岁,当时他打入了中国男篮。在那场比赛中,希耶罗得到23分,4次助攻和3次抢断。当他在球场上时,热火可以击败中国男篮多达36分。有趣的是,当时许多媒体批评中国男篮,因为他们被刚离开大学校园的一个孩子炸死而感到难过。但是现在,Shiro炸毁了中国男子篮球队也就不足为奇了。因为即使是凯尔特人,拥有像Smart,Tatum和Jaylen Brown这样的防守大师,也与Hiero无关。

In this game, Shiro scored 11 points in just 9 minutes. According to statistics, Shiro has scored in double figures in all 13 playoff games and has tied the former Lakers superstar Elgin- Baylor is second only to Tatum in 2018 (14 games) and Adams (76ers) in 1976. It should be noted that Shiro completed this achievement as a substitute player. Since the 1970-71 NBA season began to have starting and substitute points, he is the player who scored the most double games on the bench among rookies, and the Spurs The legendary sixth man Ginobili was flat.

在这场比赛中,Shiro在短短9分钟内获得了11分。据统计,Shiro在所有13场季后赛比赛中均得分双冠,并与前湖人巨星Elgin- Baylor并列第二,仅次于2018年的塔图姆(14场比赛)和亚当斯(76人)1976年。作为替补球员完成了这项成就。自从1970-71 NBA赛季开始有起跑点和替补点之后,他是新秀中替补席上得分最高的球员,而马刺队的传奇第六人吉诺比利则表现平平。

But you know, although Ginobili was a rookie, he actually dominated the European League before landing in the NBA. He also led the Argentina team to the world championship runner-up, while Shiro only played at the University of Kentucky. Year ball only. What people didn't expect was that the technological maturity and stress resistance demonstrated by Shiro was completely unlike a young post-00s.


In the second half of the game, due to Tatum's recovery, the Celtics have repeatedly approached the score and even overtaken. At this time, it was almost all Shiro who stood up to respond. For example, at the end of the third quarter, Tatum's mid-range shot chased the point difference to 2 points, but when he looked back, Shiro made a cold-blooded three-pointer. After that, Tatum scored 2+1 consecutively, and Shiro threw himself first. Successfully pitched, and then assisted Dragic to eat pie, helping the Heat maintain a weak lead.

在比赛的下半场,由于塔图姆的康复,凯尔特人队屡屡接近比分,甚至超过了比分。这时,几乎所有的Shiro都站起来回应。例如,在第三节末,塔图姆的中距离投篮将分差追至2分,但是当他回头看时,史郎做出了冷血的三分球。之后,塔图姆连续得分2 + 1,而史郎则将自己投向了第一位。成功投球,然后协助德拉吉奇亚愽真人app官网登录吃馅饼,帮助热火维持弱势。

After entering the final quarter of the game, Hilo broke out even more. As soon as he came up, he used the three-pointer and the mid-range shot to score 5 points. After the Celtics overtook the score, Hilo faced Smart again. After the dribble, he directly withdrew and made a three-pointer. In the offensive and defensive transition, he went to the basket one by one, and then pulled the layup to score. 56.2 seconds before the end, Hiero's cut layup almost killed the suspense of the game. Throughout the fourth quarter, he scored 17 points alone, and the remaining Heat players, even if they count the free throws in the last garbage time, only scored 18 points.


After the game, the big brothers of the Heat held Shiro tightly in their arms, because they knew very well that the victory in this game was completely won by Shiro. And Shiro once again proved with practical actions that the 13th pick in the first round of shooting guard is definitely the right choice.


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