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Tiger Fighting, October 19, in an interview with the Marca newspaper, Shakhtar Donetsk coach Castro said: “We have 10 players on our side that were not determined to be able to play until yesterday (has been absent for two weeks). ), now you are asking me the question that Ramos may be absent, are you serious?"

10月19日,老虎格斗队(Tiger Fighting)在接受马卡(Marca)报纸采访时说,顿涅茨克(Shakhtar Donetsk)教练卡斯特罗(Castro)表示:“我们身边有10名球员直到昨天才被确定不能参加比赛(已经缺席了两周)。 ),现在您在问我拉莫斯可能不在的问题,您是认真的吗?”

"(Laughs) I did read it. I analyzed some things, but I don’t know if it will help a lot, because the team can change a lot after a game. You don’t know who you will face anymore. And you don’t even know which players you can use. It’s a bit confusing..."


"Being a coach nowadays is really a nightmare, it's that simple. With this epidemic and schedule, your team is full of players who have tested positive and injured. We have 10 people out! I didn't have it until yesterday. I know if they can play in Madrid. In the end it seems to be okay, but I have to tell you that these guys cannot play more than 20 or 25 minutes."


"So I said this is a nightmare. You can go to the Real Madrid game, but it is of little use, because many times the plan is to be thrown into the trash can, because suddenly you or your opponent has 5 players missing. Everything has changed. Obviously you will think about the game and plan, but now the plan is easily broken."


"Zinedine Zidane also said before, now this game just has to stop. Now we have three consecutive weeks of League + Champions League. After that, the players will go to the national team to play games. 3 games! Not 2 games! Then come again A three-week league + UEFA Champions League. And there are no holidays during the period. Because the players have almost no holidays, the preseason situation is not good. Look at the standings! Liverpool, Manchester United, Manchester City have scored a lot of goals... German Bayern also Lost a lot of goals. Real Madrid and Barcelona lost this round... The giants are now suffering a lot. So anything can happen."

“齐纳丁(Zinedine Zidane)之前也曾说过,现在这场比赛只是必须停止。现在我们已经连续三周获得联赛+冠军联赛。之后,球员将前往国家队参加比赛。3场比赛!不是2场比赛!然后再来一次为期三周的联赛+欧洲冠军联赛,并且该期间没有假期,因为球员们几乎没有亚愽真人app官网登录假期,所以季前赛的情况并不好,看看排名!利物浦,曼联,曼城都得分了很多进球……德国拜仁队也丢了很多进球。皇马和巴萨输掉了这一轮……巨人现在正遭受很多苦难。

"Gadis did a good defensive job and caused damage when they ran out. This is their credit. Real Madrid has 75% of the ball, but they didn't use it well. But I think they deserved it in the second half. In football, people only look at the results, but I look at other aspects. Real Madrid also has good aspects. They have some players... I obviously don’t say bad things about Real Madrid.”


"Football to me is a sport of ability. Real Madrid is a team with stronger ability than us. They are stronger and the favorite to win, but we will obviously try our best to play surprising performances. We can do it. , But they are a better team."


"In our league, we are a team with 75% possession rate. We are a happy team and an offensive team. Under normal circumstances, we cannot have such conditions against Real Madrid because of their strength. Will cut a lot of our balls. We had 45% possession of the ball against Manchester City last year. Why? Not because we don’t want to have the ball, but because they just took it. We will try our best to adapt and it will be fine. Defensively, we will use the time we have the ball to try to cause damage."


"Not at all, we will prepare well. The miners have very tough players and strong players, but we are in a very uncomfortable state because of the new crown issue. We lost 10 important players before, 10!"


"(Laughs) You’re not really telling me about this...we’re all in this situation, you still ask me Ramos? Are you serious? He is a good player, but Real Madrid when there are wounded Will send another player worth 50 million euros. This will affect them, but if compared with us... we still have questions about whether these 10 players can play at the last moment, see See how long they can play, 20 minutes? We sent seven 20-year-old players to play in the last game."


"(Laughter) Criticizing Zidane... The football world is ungrateful and ungrateful, how can they criticize Zidane! He is a very charming and excellent coach, he has won everything. We are here What are you talking about? He has won the league and the Champions League. Before this week, the team was still at the top of the list..."


"Look at other teams. Klopp's Liverpool is not the top spot, nor is Manchester City. All the giants did not have a bad time at the beginning of the season. We are in a difficult time. I suggest that the club's senior management stay calm, because otherwise …There will be many difficulties, but this is normal."


"I prefer to play at the Bernabéu stadium full of fans. It is very strange to play in Valdebebas. I know that because I have visited it, it is great. I was once Mourinho's assistant, Moles I’ve been invited, and the other is the UEFA seminar. The facilities there are great, but it’s weird to play the best matches in the world there. But what can we do? This is the consequence of this epidemic. I hope the epidemic will end as soon as possible."

“我更喜欢在拥挤的球迷的伯纳乌球场踢球。在瓦尔德贝巴踢球真是太奇怪了。我知道,因为我去过这里,感觉很棒。我曾经是穆里尼奥的助手,我曾受过莫尔斯的邀请,另一个是欧足联研讨会,那里的设施很棒,但是要在世界上打出最好的比赛是很奇怪的,但是我们该怎么办呢?这是这种流行病的后果,我希望这种流行病能够尽快结束。 ”

“It’s the hardest group for me, but I don’t feel uncomfortable or regretful. I think we should enjoy it and face every duel. This difficult group motivates us, but it is true that Real Madrid, Inter Milan, Monchen, I think it’s ridiculous that those who don’t recognize Monchen are the same group of people who said Atlanta is a simple opponent last year. I thought Gasperini’s Atlanta was incredible before, so beware of the Germans..."


"When we talk about Real Madrid, we are talking about Benzema, Modric, Asensio, Vinicius, Ramos... this is a very strong team!"


"We are talking about Ronaldo. When you have Ronaldo, then you should never let him go. Never! We are talking about the best and most efficient players in the world, working machines, sacrificial machines... "


"I don't make a comparison, but he is the best for me. The story behind Ronaldo shows that he is a role model. He grew up alone in Lisbon at the age of 11, and then far away from home... Ronaldo is a building The building built on his own has a unique determination. To me, he is a role model for all children. People criticized Ronaldo too much, saying that if he did this, he said that he spent too much in this area. Money... and he responds on the court every day. He knows how he came along the way. Later when making Ronaldo movies, people will see how he was at the beginning and how he became a player , They will recognize him more then."


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